Casino Betting Coin launches pioneering no-loss lottery via PoolTogether

Casino Betting Coin (CBC), the cryptocurrency for the global gaming market, has launched its own no-loss lottery via disruptive blockchain-based platform PoolTogether.

PoolTogether is a fast-growing disruptor within the decentralized finance (defi) space. Its open-source protocol for no-loss prize games currently has more than $160 million worth of cryptocurrency locked, with holders competing for almost $200,000 in weekly no-loss prizes.

The CBC no-loss lottery challenges users to stake their CBC holdings on the platform for a chance to win a weekly jackpot. The first week’s jackpot stands at 14,250 CBC (around $1,000 at current market price) and will be split between two winners on Monday, April 5. The weekly jackpot will scale as more CBC is locked in the pool.

Players receive their entry to the lottery with no risk; they can withdraw the CBC they staked at any time. The protocol offers users the chance to build their CBC holdings without having to risk their initial capital, and the launch marks the first opportunity to stake CBC.

The RNG element of the draw is secured by Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, to provide reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs.

The pool can be accessed at:

Ed Brennan, President of Casino Betting Coin, said: “The Casino Betting Coin team is always looking for innovative ways to create genuine utility for our fast-growing user base, and PoolTogether offers precisely that. 

“We have been watching the protocol closely as its no-loss lottery concept has captured the imagination of cryptocurrency hodlers. PoolTogether allows us to offer CBC holders the chance to win additional tokens at no risk.

“CBC is a natural fit for a community pool, and we are certain that our users will be thrilled for the opportunity to win additional CBC without having to risk their initial holdings.”

The launch of a CBC pool is Casino Betting Coin’s first move into defi and staking, as the brand continues to build utility for its token.Casino Betting Coin was recently integrated into leading social casino GameTwist. Last year, the interactive division of casino giant Novomatic, Greentube, acquired a majority of the CBC cryptocurrency in a landmark deal at the intersection of blockchain and gaming.

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