Frequently Ask Questions

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new, web-based way to exchange value. It uses advanced mathematics and a distributed ledger system called a blockchain to enable people to safely and securely transact on the internet.

Depending on which online gaming website you play at, CBC can be used for all sorts of benefits, such as purchasing gaming chips or qualifying for special loyalty redemptions.

Ethereum is a software platform to design and maintain purpose-specific tokens, like CBC. CBC was designed and exists upon the Ethereum network.

Redemption benefits qualification is based on a minimum level of gameplay and other factors, and is offered to selected players by the gaming operator.

We have made it easy for our players to acquire CBC through a seamless, KYC-compliant payment option, using a credit or debit card. CBC is also available to anyone to purchase on Bittrex Global, Hitbtc, and Uniswap (V2) cryptocurrency exchanges.

Gaming operators will roll out CBC in order to introduce the benefits of cryptocurrency to their players. Some of these benefits may include lower transaction costs, greater security, and faster settlement times.

Players who qualify for a redemption benefit will need to purchase CBC and submit it the gaming operator to receive their benefit. This usually takes just a few minutes.

Gaming operators will reward gameplay because they appreciate your business and want to make it easier and cheaper for you to gain benefits.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where people can trade regular currency (like Euros or dollars) for cryptocurrencies (like CBC or Bitcoin) as well as trade among different cryptocurrencies, and trade back to regular currencies.

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